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Hartford Police Department Request for Report Form

Hartford Police Department
Attn: Records Division
50 Jennings Road
Hartford, CT  06120

Please Print or Type

Name of Requestor______________________________________

Street Address_________________________________________

City_______________________ State ______  Zip____________

Telephone Number__(_____)_____________________________

Case # of Incident_______________________________________

Date of Incident________________________________________

Address of Incident______________________________________

Additional Information___________________________________



Please include with this form:

1.  A self-addressed stamped envelope
2.  A check or money order made out to the City of Hartford for 50 cents per page of the report
3.  A copy of the requestor's identification

If you have any questions please call the Records Division at (860) 543-8730. 

Print this form and mail it to:  
Hartford Police Department
Attention:  Record Division
50 Jennings Road, Hartford, CT 06120

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